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We Love Rocks!

This page is to showcase our rocks and projects. More pics and videos will be added for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Delivery and installation is performed by our parent company
Shamrock Dirt Work. Click the hyperlink to learn more.
OKC Boulders Layered Limestone Rock with Quartz.jpg
Dry river bed using a mixture of our featured rock and boulders.

This video really shows how a dry river bed can control water flow during a heavy rain. This bed is completely dry between rain falls. 

Big Truck, Big Boulders, Big Fun #129

Big Peterbilt Truck brings me two loads of big boulders. Excited for our first load of BIG boulders.

Dry river bed installation #28: Spreading Rip-Rap to manage water run off.

In this video I construct a dry river bed using 8 to 12 inch limestone rip-rap. I use a Kubota Kx121-3 mini excavator and a Bobcat track loader to spread the material.

Hauling a 17,000 Pound Rock!!! #127 4k Video

Making a trip to a quarry and hauling a 17,000 pound rock that I plan on using in my Boulder and Rock display. 4k Video

Homemade Portable Power Washer 4k video #123

In this video I show you my homemade portable power washing unit. This video was shot using the GoPro Hero 9 in 4k super wide view. Enjoy!

Spreading 4 inch rock. #43

Spreading 4 inch rock as a means of erosion control. This is more economical than the larger rip-rap. Not an exciting video, just a practical way to slow down erosion.

BulletProof Your Concrete #114 Erosion Prevention

In this video I show you how I like to BulletProof concrete that is prone to erosion along the edges. Enjoy!

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